Friday, May 10, 2013

Puppy Tale Friday: Life in the Sandpit

Construction continues at our house, and the dogs are busy watching the progress. They must be wondering what on earth is going on... and why we don't let them play or dig in the new sandpit that is our yard.

The first cement was poured this week. Not much else has happened, as we wait for the next phase to begin.

The back yard is just as sand-pitty, as they placed much of the excavated material behind the house to form a new yard. Which makes up for the space we lost because of this project. The dogs haven't been allowed back there yet, as there is literally nothing but a sandy mess all around the pool fence. No dirt. Just sand.

The dogs are still enjoying their (very) early morning romps on the beach as well as their mid-day romps and sunset romps. The mid-day walks will have to be changed to street-only very soon as Summer Beach Rules go into effect next week. But we'll still be up there at 5 a.m.

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  1. So how about describing what's going into this new part, and then what's happening in the old part. Looks like a lot less grass mowing for you for quite awhile, which isn't a bad thing in my mind


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