Thursday, May 23, 2013

Splashing Over to Kate Evangelista's Blog

The Blog Tour continues over at Kate Evangelista's blog.

I know I say this every time I talk about Kate, but she was the author who first made me take a look at Crescent Moon Press, back when her YA novel TASTE was having its first cover reveal. She has a new book just out from another publisher titled ROMANCING THE BOOKWORM... sounds like a fun summer read! She's an awesome author, a fun lady, and I'm so lucky now to call her my friend!

Today I'm talking about something different in my guest post! Umm, no, I'm really not. Still all about my new book! Today there's a short excerpt from SON OF A MERMAID, showing the first time the reader really gets to see some mermaid magick. And gets to know for sure that the mysterious girl on the beach is REALLY a mermaid.

And Kate has the Rafflecopter on her blog as well - so if you haven't entered yet for your chance to win an ebook or a beach stone necklace or some awesome swag.... what are you waiting for? Click on over!

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