Friday, May 17, 2013

Puppy Tale Friday: Sunrise Over Different Sands

This is the reason Puppy is so happy lately. Seven sunrises a week at her favorite sandy spot. With the construction going on, I have no option to be lazy about it. Just do it.

In construction news, the forms for the foundation are all in place, so I assume we're expecting a visit from the cement truck in the near future. Maybe today.

 Puppy checks out the forms being assembled in the sandpit...
 The "concrete forms" will hold the cement in place as it dries and forms the walls for the new basement.
So, Vicki asked last week for me to explain what's actually being built. The large window on the left edge of the remaining house is to the existing (tiny) (miniscule) kitchen. We're expanding the kitchen (and will break through that wall once the new structure is in place.) We're adding a mudroom entrance to the kitchen area, and family room behind the new garage. The new garage will be a little closer to the street to allow room for the room behind it. There are no new bedrooms being added, but we will get a new guest bathroom off the family room and new French doors out into the backyard to replace the slider that never worked properly (ever.) And best of all, there will be room for my washing machine and dryer to live inside the house from now on, instead of in the garage. Which means I'll never have to worry about the water lines freezing in the winter, or getting up at 3 a.m. to run laundry in the middle of the night when the temperatures dip below zero. (I won't miss that at all!)

Puppy doesn't care about any of this. She can't read the plans and has no idea what's to come. She just knows she gets to enjoy the sunrise every morning now.

And she's happy.

P.S. In book news, I'm continuing on my Splash Into Summer blog tour. Today I'm talking about mermaids through history over at Kary Rader's blog 

There is also going to be a post soon on Manga Maniac Cafe blog  (well, she told me it would be today, but I don't see it over there yet.)
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  1. hey, thanks for the tour of what's coming! Sounds like it will be great esp. with the laundry,bigger kitchen, guest bathroom, mud room entrance....all plus factors in my book. Hoping for clear weather so there's no "construction delays"....

  2. Oh my gosh, look at all that work being done. Makes me head spin thinking of the money. Yikes.


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