Friday, May 24, 2013

Puppy Tale Friday: More of the Same

Puppy is getting used to the construction, but both dogs are still unsettled by what they perceive as the invasion of their turf. I mean, the squirrels are running free in their yard! 

How can we allow this to happen?! Squirrels! Really!

And as many times as I try to explain that the door to the backyard now leads to nowhere, Puppy still begs to be let out there - "Just this one time, Mom,"  to chase the invading squirrels and rabbits - oh and that orange tabby cutting through the yard right this minute. (The nerve of some cats! Open the door! Open the door!)

 The cement was poured for the basement walls at the end of last week, tar, backfill, feet for the garage, and now new forms are set up to hold up the garage slab. So kind of more of the same, but in a different spot. And a few of the sand piles are gone now from the front yard. (You'll notice that the piles are missing on the right side of this next photo. Rest assured, they are still there on the left...)

 I don't think they will be pouring cement today as the sky is pouring rain and the wind is near hurricane force this morning. Hoping it calms down for the long weekend....

If you are on Cape or coming to the Cape for Memorial Day weekend, check out the interview I did in this week's CAPE COD CHRONICLE. And be sure to stop by Where the Sidewalk Ends bookstore on Main Street in Chatham on SUNDAY MAY 26 FROM 2P.M. TO 4 P.M. for my Book Launch Party! Cupcakes and books and more. I just received my first shipment of books too - they weer on my doorstep last night when I got home from my daughter's track meet. What a nice surprise! So shiny!
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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