Friday, May 3, 2013

Puppy Tales Friday: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

 Big changes going on at our house. Gotta tear it down before you can build it back up, right?

Puppy is slowly getting used to the idea, and to the new routines. She likes the fact that we're getting up and out to the beach by 5:30 every morning now. She doesn't like the fact that the heavy machinery starts up by 8 a.m., interrupting her nap time. She doesn't like that she doesn't have a fireplace to lay in front of - or a t.v. room for that matter.

She spent the first few days this week jumping up and barking every time there was a new sound, a new truck in the yard, a new person tramping through the house. Monday and Tuesday were a cacophony of barking dogs. This is Day Five. She's already in my daughter's bedroom, hiding from the bulldozer vibrations and trying to sleep through the sounds of de-construction.

It's going to be a long spring and summer for her, with lots of new faces and new routines to adjust to. For all of us. But it'll be worth it in the end.

And as long as Puppy keeps getting to go to the beach several times a day, she's okay with it all.

So, how about you? Any big changes on the horizon in your life?


  1. I miss so much when I'm away. Building a new house around the fireplace, or does it come tumbling down, too?

    1. Alas, it was knocked down as well. Just a big sandy hole there now - so strange!

  2. Exciting! You know me, I Love a design project!! Take a deep breath. It will be worth it in the end. And enjoy the beach ;~)
    We can't wait to read your book!


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