Friday, March 29, 2013

Puppy Tales: Jellybeans vs. Carrots

To Puppy's way of thinking, Easter is all about the candy. And the carrots left out for the Easter Bunny. As for the Egg Hunt, she's interested but tries not to get in the way of the kids as they run screeching around the house in search of the real and plastic eggs hidden throughout. She stays off to the side with me, so as not to get trampled.

Puppy has quite the sweet tooth... She likes to "ask" for candy, and think chocolate smells most intriguing. Since chocolate can be bad for dogs, we draw the line at actually giving her any (although I can't say she's never tasted it) but in her mind, jellybeans are just as good. And carrots are actually better. Go figure. Now if I could only convince the kids of that, I'd save a fortune on chocolate...

So what's your favorite thing about Easter? Are you a chocolate fan or do you prefer jellybeans? (Or carrots?)

Happy Easter Weekend to All!

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  1. What a smart dog! Cadbury Eggs are high on my list of Easter favorites.


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