Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Writing Wednesday: What to Write Next?

I'm at a crossroads of sorts.

My latest YA (Blood of a Mermaid) and my latest romance (My Kind of Crazy) are both out on submission at the moment. (One rejection so far on the romance, boo hiss!) I have my debut YA coming out this spring and should be working on promotion material... but I don't have a cover from the publisher yet.

So what to work on next?

It's Writing Wednesday. I'm supposed to be writing!

I banged my head all day on the computer updated my website yesterday - take a look over at

I like the new look, although there's a lot of "me" all over it, lol. It's a bit of a static page, I guess, since it doesn't have moving parts or live feeds from my blog or Facebook. But I don't know how to do those things. Yet. Suggestions are welcome. I do like my revised "Books" page, with the descriptions of published and unpublished works. When I get my new cover art, I think I'll replace the photo of me on the home page with the new cover? Or something?

I've also been reading - loved Jean Murray's steamy romance adventure Soul Reborn and just finished Jody Kessler's New Adult book, Death Lies Between Us. Loved! (Will post review soon!) Am currently reading some more great Crescent Moon Press books, Caden's Fate and The Devil's Triangle, and have Resurrecting Harry cued up next.

When you get to the end of a project - or are in one of these in-between periods in your writing - what do you do? (I'm running out of excuses not to vacuum and could use some new ideas!)

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