Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Writing Wednesday: Book Reviews?

So I'm sitting here with my blue coffee mug - oh wait, let me refill it. Okay, I'm back, coffee in hand.

Anyway, I just finished writing out a review for the book I finished yesterday. I've posted it to Amazon and have it scheduled to run here on the blog next Monday. Reviews are important, as they help readers decide which books are worth buying, or bring new books to a reader's attention. I may not review the best sellers I read, since those books are already getting the attention, but for indie authors I enjoy, I'm happy to take the time to help spread the word.

... and then I started thinking about gathering reviews for my own books.

I found out this week that Crescent Moon Press doesn't send ARCs out for review. The authors have to do this for themselves. One of my fellow authors emailed me her list of review sites that she sends to, and I guess I have additional research to do, as there are probably good places for YA reviews and even places that favor mermaid books...

Do you read reviews to help make your purchasing decisions? Does a review on a blog get you excited for a new author?

Are Amazon reviews more important than Goodreads reviews? In your opinion, what holds the most sway over a reader?


  1. Hi Katie! Congratulations on your upcoming release. I'm also a May "baby," so here's to us! I noticed you failed to mention the bowl of M&M's, also known as the food of the gods! Then again, I'm new here so perhaps it, like the Blue Mug, are givens. I'm surprised to hear Crescent Moon doesn't send out ARC's since most publishers are hot to get their authors' books reviewed. One place that I thought about is a magazine my husband found for me, Mermaids & Mythology Magazine. I don't know if they do reviews, but they do accept articles and such. Their link is: At the least you might enjoy perusing their publication. As for me, I read reviews sporadically, at best, but since I'm not only a writer but a VORACIOUS reader, I've begun to try to give reviews for the folks who do like them. Keep up the good work - truly you're paying it forward with your reviews. Wishes for Great Success with your upcoming release!

  2. Hi, Denise! Thanks for the top about the magazine - I'll go check that out!

    And yes, the Ms are a staple of Writing Wednesday. How can an author survive without chocolate? (and coffee, but that goes without saying...)

  3. I do factor in reviews a little if they come from people I trust. One thing I recommend is an ARC tour. I've had friends send me ARCs with prepaid envelopes included to send it to the next person on the tour.


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