Friday, March 8, 2013

Puppy Tales: Wherein Puppy Sleeps through a Week

I've been a bad dog-mommy this week.

My eldest son has been home sick with stomach flu all week, which totally threw my schedule into a tailspin. Especially with his sick bell ding-a-ling-ing every twenty minutes or so. And having to actually drive to the bus stop and to the high school several times, chores I'd gotten used to relegating to number one son. On top of that, the weather has been absolutely C-R-A-P... rainy and cold and totally blustery in a way that even Winnie the Pooh would frown upon.

And so... the dogs haven't been up to the beach since Monday. Yep, four days without a good long romp next to (and into) the ocean.

You think they'd be going out of their minds, right? Bouncing off the walls and such?

Nope. Sleeping. On my daughter's bed. With giant cartoon Z's coming out of their snoring snouts and flapping jowls.

Spring will be here soon to assuage my guilt, right? We'll be back into a routine in no time. But for now...

Just a few more Zzz's...

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