Friday, April 6, 2012

A to Z Blogfest: The Letter F

The Letter F

F is for Friends. Puppy and Big Dog have lots of Friends they see out in the Field when we do our morning walks. All breeds of dog, all sizes and colors (now that Puppy is over her Fear of white dogs, thanks to her cousin...)

But For right now, the dogs are missing their Furry Friends who were here For Sooo long. The house seems empty without the extra Furry Fun of Friends Frantically Frolicking all day and night. Luckily, they get to spend tomorrow with their Farmer cousin Louie, visiting From Vermont.

(Here's little Louie, trying to look older... she's a lot of Fun!)

 But For today, my dogs are a just a mopey, no-Fun pair.


  1. Luv the mustache. Glad he has lots of friends.

  2. Your dogs are so cute. My German Shepherd would never sit still like that - and he'd probably eat the letter and the mustache!

  3. Ahh, they're adorable:) Is that a St.Bernard in the top picture?

  4. What a great, fun way to tackle your "F" day challenge, Katie! Loved it. :)

  5. Freakin' Fabulous Foto's [sic] along with your Funny-bone Fodder, Katie :-) Love your puppies, getting to know them better every day. Wish we lived closer to let my dogz and yours teach each other a Few things. Like how to sit still (right, SherryE!) just long enuFF to snap the shots. Keep 'em coming!
    (oh, and this is Mark F... in case you didn't recognize my Fearnot handle)


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