Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A to Z Blogfest: The Letter V

The Letter V

The Letter V could stand for Voracious, as in Puppy's appetite. Or Vivacious, as in Puppy's sparkling personality. Or Vibrant, as she makes our lives with her mere presence. Or Va-Va-Voom, which is what the male dogs at the dog park seem to think of Puppy.

She's happy with all those words, as they are all positive.

V can also stand for Vacation. Our family went on a Vacation to Florida last week, and Puppy went to Puppy Camp. Well, she wouldn't actually go into the kennel, ever again after last year's stay, so we enlisted friends to take on Puppy and Big Dog for a week. Which was okay as we had their dogs for much, much longer.

Puppy enjoyed her Vacation with her friends, but look how glad she is to be home.



  1. Nice use of the letter V Katie. And I love Va-Va-Voom! Hadn't heard it in a long time. Great post!

  2. my son always took his dog with us when we went to the beach--good times

  3. Cute dog :) Stopping by from the A-Z challenge to say hi

  4. My dog (a scant 60 lbs) is vivacious as well, whereas my 9-month-old's the one with the voracious appetite. He's already begun eating us out of house and home (which are one and the same, so it sound twice as bad as it actually is).

    Great letter pictures with your (giant) puppy. Va-va-voom indeed.

  5. Puppy is a voracious eater which leads to a more Vibrant coat, since I am sure you are feeding her awesome food ;-)


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