Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A to Z blogfest: The Letter J

The Letter J

I struggled with the Letter J, because until recently there weren't too many J's in Puppy's life. 

And then she discovered Jellybeans.

Apparently, none of my kids like Jellybeans anymore (and no one told the Easter Bunny.) But Puppy likes 'em. I knew she was a sugar addict from the way she bounces to lick the maple syrup from the plates after the kids have pancakes... but she's never contemplated candy. Until now.

"Yum!" says Puppy.

How about you? What's your favorite spring treat? I think Puppy still prefers maple syrup, but Jellybeans are now a close second.


  1. my dog is jealous - she's been on a diet for about a year... no jelly beans for her (but I love them)

  2. Turns out one of my kids doesn't like jelly beans either. He traded them for his brother's chocolate. Good thing the Easter Bunny left a variety of candy to satisfies everyone. :)

  3. Just wanted to shout out that I just hit the 200 follower mark - *yea*

    Thanks to all who've hit the Follow button - hope you're enjoying Puppy's alphabet ;-)

  4. One of my dogs loves apples. He'll fight the horses for the cores when I'm eating one (he's a Great Pyr so about the size of your Puppy). One of my horses loves Fig Newtons.

  5. (A horse that eats Fig Newtons? That's so cool!!)

  6. awwww that is so cute---and my mom always loved jelly beans too!

  7. Hi, KatieO!

    Well, I tried to avoid a lot of sugar; however, I'd have to say chocolate ice cream is my very favorite sweet! Yummmmm!

    Lovely dog! Great "J" word!

    Enjoy the day!!


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