Saturday, April 14, 2012

A to Z Blogfest: The Letter M

The Letter M

The Letter for today is M, which goes along with feeling Mad and Manic all week long. But it's the weekend, and the start of the kids' spring break vacation, so I need to let it all go.

What better way to cheer up than M&M's for breakfast, right? My favorite breakfast of champions!

And yesterday I finished the total revision/rewrite/revamping of My Manuscript, so no More time to Mope. Time to Query - even though that's a Q word...

What do you do for a pick-Me-up? (Besides Martinis or Mojitos, which are a bit inappropriate in the Morning!)


  1. How about a margarita? Now that is the breakfast of champions ;)

  2. Muffins? Mamosas?

    Congratulations on beginning your query journey!

  3. Congrats on the Revision! I have my eye on Cinnistack pancakes at IHOP for my next pick me up. They look delicious but I will probably OD on sugar. Either way, I have it all planned out.

  4. M&M's for breakfast! You inspired me! Best wishes on your writing!Holly

    1. Your blog is so neat! Have a fun spring break with the kiddos and best of luck with all you are doing.

      Kathy M.

  5. Congrats on reaching the query process. Although, that's my least favorite part of writing :-) Enjoy spring break with the kiddos, too.

  6. That is great news that you completed your manuscript! The hard part is over...enjoy sending those queries. It means you're just one step closer to having your manuscript come to life in print, wherever that may be. I'm still trying to get up the motivation to finish a short screenplay that I've been working on since January.

    M&Ms...the "breakfast of champions" could be a fun slogan for a television commercial.

    It's funny how candy coated chocolate peanuts pass for a breakfast item, yet, Martinis and Mojitos are considered inappropriate, lol. That's like having a double cheeseburger and DIET Coca-Cola for lunch. The math just doesn't add up. Shucks! I want a martini! LOL


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  7. For M all you needed to say was M&M's. Enough said! Great post

  8. Fellow challenger here; I love how you're doing your a to z posts. Congrats on finishing your manuscript and pass some M&Ms my way! lol :)


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