Friday, April 27, 2012

A to Z Blogfest: The Letter X

The Letter X

The Letter X marks the spot.... in this case, it's showing Puppy where she hid all those bones she buried over the winter months. Under the picnic table. Which I'm going to need to move and smooth out before we can hope to use the table for anything other than a hiding spot....

I'd say Bad Puppy, but look how happy she is with the whole thing. How can I resist?

Where do you like to hide your treasures? What does X mark in your world?


  1. Our girl hides her bones in leaf piles. She hides herself there too. Her coloring makes a perfect blend with dirt and dried oak leaves. She does believe that if she doesn't move we will not see her.

  2. hmmm don't know in my world what x would mark--maybe the light at the end of this blogging xercise ;)

  3. Lynn, I'm with you! Puppy's barely hanging in there with the photos... now she sees the camera and runs the other way!

  4. LOL... too cute! My dog likes to bury his treasures between the seat cushions of the sofa. :s

  5. What a great idea for the Challenge! (Yes, I'm still visiting - finally have time now that it's over, lol!) Loved your puppy picture posts, but X got me, with your question at the end, as I just posted my answer (without knowing you'd asked!) in my post today at Congrats on finishing the Challenge! How you did it with such a busy life is beyond me! Great job!


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