Saturday, April 28, 2012

A to Z Blogfest: The Letter Y

The Letter Y

Puppy says, "Y oh Y are You torturing me? Isn't April over Yet??"


  1. Yes, think my pooch will be glad when it is over too. Though my plan (as in all my plans) is to do things somewhat backwards. I plan to go to as many A to Zeders Blogs a day as I can in May! Because I won't be posting so much and also have way more time in May - I should get around to a bunch and then I can look at ALL their A to Zed posts at once!

  2. Ah, poor guy. He misses his master. I wonder what animals would ay if they could blog?

  3. Love your blog and your puppy. Don't tell me the entire month was about puppy and I missed it? I'm a new follower now so I will keep up on when puppy gets happy again once the month of April is over. Our three dogs feel just about the same about this long, long month of April.


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