Sunday, January 31, 2016

Candy Hearts Romance: Author Tanya Hansen and PICK ME

About the Book:

Volunteering at a horse rescue has helped heal schoolteacher Kelsey Hunter after her celebrity ex's betrayal. Life in the rural California community suits her better than the bling of Hollywood. When she seeks help for a classroom project, she's thrown into the sphere of a down-to-earth organic farmer and horseman who could really steal her heart...

Landry Mills, successful mega-spokesmodel for a famed Westernwear line, returns to his hometown to regroup and reconsider signing the next contract. Meeting Kelsey explodes feelings in him he wants to make real. But finding out a fancy director's son recently crushed her spirit has him take things slow. What will Kelsey do when she finds out he's a celebrity in his own right? He might not be able to bear it...
My Take:

Kelsey Hunter left L.A. to live in a more rural part of California, where she teaches elementary school and volunteers at a horse rescue. Okay, she may have moved there to follow a guy but when he turned out to be a loser, she stayed anyway.

When she meets Landry Mills, she's not looking for any kind of relationship, not even a date, and yet there's something about the simple, rugged cowboy that calls to her. Did I mention he's gorgeous? And totally hot? Yeah, that might have something to do with the attraction.

This is a totally cute Valentine's story with quirky, klutzy characters and a gorgeous setting in the California foothills. Neither character is looking to fall in love, and both have reasons to be wary. The author does a wonderful job describing the farmland, the horse rescue, and the slow burn between the characters. While I did feel Kelsey overreacted to Landry's secret, the resolution was swift, sweet and satisfying. 4.5 sweet candy hearts for this sweet tale!

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