Saturday, January 30, 2016

Candy Hearts Romance reviews: DARE ME by Debra Druzy

About the Book:

For wedding stylist Misty Morningside, mixing business with pleasure is a professional no-no. That is, until she runs into wedding photographer Adam Wright at a Valentine’s Day event. Dare they set aside business for one night of pleasure?


“A girl could get used to this kind of TLC. Don’t spoil me or you’ll never get rid of me.” Misty licked the marinade from her lips.

“I have every intention of keeping you, Misty Morningside. Now that I have you, I’m not letting you go. Ever.” Hunger radiated from his gaze as if she were the next course.

Heat crept into her cheeks at his soulful secret that stole her breath. She dodged the last bite on the fork and swooped in for a first kiss but he stealthily avoided it.

“One more bite.” Adam fed Misty final morsel then dabbed her mouth with a white linen napkin.

He might be playing the role of a perfect alpha-gentleman, but beneath that proper tuxedo was the scrappy teenager notorious for cutting class to sneak onto the football field, under the bleachers with the flavor-of-the-week. She’d studied those smooth moves, watching bird’s-eye from the second story window of Scenic View High School, wishing she could be one of his many conquests. Now was her chance.

My Take:

Dare Me is a sizzling tale of second chances and fantasy fulfillment between two twentysomethings who went to school together but lost touch ten years prior. Each one harbored a secret crush on the other but never acted on their myriad fantasies, until one fateful day when they both end up working at the same Valentine event.

Misty attends the annual wedding showcase to represent her family bridal shop, not realizing the photographer is Adam Wright, the boy who secretly starred in all her high school fantasies. She also has no idea he's been carrying a picture of her in his wallet from kindergarten until now. One thing leads to another and they both end up confessing this mutual crush, and deciding to do something about it.

I enjoyed most of this story, and the author does a wonderful job of drawing out the sexual tension. However, the whole photography aspect made  me more than a little uncomfortable, especially when Adam is filming Misty without her knowledge. He seemed a little too premeditated about the whole thing, which took away from my enjoyment of this otherwise fast paced and fun tale of finally getting the guy of your fantasies right where you want him. I can only give it 4 candy hearts because of that, but other people might enjoy that aspect of this steamy story.

About the Author:

Debra Druzy is a married, stay-at-home mom, writing romance in between running errands and doing household chores.

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