Friday, January 22, 2016

Candy Hearts Romance reviews: MELT MY HEART by Marie Tuhart

 About the Book:
Veterinarian Lexi Mallory wants to submit to the sexy new Dom from the club, but trauma from her past keeps getting in the way. It's a good thing Gabriel Huntington has a special way with difficult subs and sees the gorgeous Lexi as a delicious challenge. Unfortunately, Lexi fears her inability to relinquish control will finally test Garbriel's patience and he'll end their contract. Can Lexi lower her barriers and allow Gabriel's touch to melt her heart?
My Take:

Sizzling erotica! Not my usual genre, and not for the sweet or sensual romance reader.

The relationship between the characters confused me a bit as I wasn't sure what to expect, or whether a successful BSDM relationship develops into love or if that's not allowed. I guess I don't read enough of this kind of novella to be able to review it "properly." What I can tell you is that the characters weren't cookie cutter, the dialogue and actions all rang true for any kind of developing relationship, and I enjoyed the emotional conflict within both the heroine and her Dom.

Well written and well paced, this erotic novella provides a detailed and an interesting peek into the world of BSDM. The story line was a little outside my comfort zone, but its a short, fast story and an interesting walk on the wild side.

About the Author:

Marie Tuhart can't remember a time when she didn't have a book in her hands. When she isn't reading or writing, Marie loves to spend time in bookstores and traveling. Marie’s muse is her toy poodle, Penny, who lets Marie know when she’s been working too long.

Fun Facts: Marie has a key chain collection from all the places she's visited, both US and around the world.  Only two have been given to her.

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  1. I've never actually read erotica. I don't know why, but I fear it a bit. I think it's because my mom read romance novels relentlessly. I think...


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