Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for... Dogs

D is for... Dogs

We have three Dogs in my house. Fitting, I guess, as we also have three kids. (I like the number three, it would seem.) When Dog Number Three, the new Puppy, joined our household last March, I started to blog about her antics. Her cuteness. Her smallness. How she fit perfectly under my Desk while I worked on the edits for my book... the Ultimate Desk Accessory...

Little Dogs are just the Dearest things....

Since she joined the family last spring, I've shared 49 Different "Puppy Tales" on this blog, this post being the 50th one. About once a week, she Does something that I just have to Discuss, funny or painful (like all the books she's Devoured in the last year...)

But as the Little Dog grew, I swear she stayed cute. She just got all kinds of Big Cute instead of small cute.

When she could walk more than fifteen minutes at a time, she became an excellent hiking companion and we posted pictures of our beach and bike trail walks. She also lo-o-o-ves to Drive in the car, and became the subject of a whole Different post when she learned to open her own window. Which she Definitely Does. Incessantly. Especially on Drives to the beach...

But see how Delighted she is? The Dog is always happy. Always smiling. Always Delighted to be Dragged along on the next Daring adventure. Or the next crazy photo that I want to take of her.
...Okay, sometimes she's more smiley than others, but all in all a Delightful Dog.

Do you have a Dog? What's the best part of having a pet in your life? ...besides being able to blog about them ;-)

P.S. (yeah, I know you know it's not D. Deal with it.) Wish me luck at Bookclub tonight... I didn't back out yet. And I still Don't know what to Discuss...

Another P.S. Yesterday I was awarded a Powerful Women Writers Award from Deirdra - see it in the left hand column? If you click on the award it will take you to her beautiful website. I'm thankful and honored... and just love the connections that the A to Z Challenge is helping to connect.


  1. The dogs are priceless. Yes, we have a dog--a Bish-o-poo. Hah...no idea how to spell it. She's a mix between a Bishon Frise and a poodle. She's a great dog and she doesn't shed.

  2. We do have two dogs, Barney and Binka, outside dogs living on a farm.
    i've written about them here: http://athursdayschild.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/law-of-attraction-gone-to-the-dogs/

  3. I have a Siamese cat - they are just like dogs! :)

  4. Your dogs are wonderful and that puppy is adorable! We have an old yellow Labrador called Simba. I thought I might do him as my 'S' word.

    warm wishes

  5. Your puppies are precious! I don't have a dog, but I NEED one (or three) ASAP!

    Great pictures :)

  6. Three dogs and three children must keep you really busy!



  7. Your dogs are adorable. I've never had a dog, but cats and I loved when mine would come and settle on my chest to wake me up in the morning :)

  8. I have two dogs and I've been trying to convince my significant other that we need a third. So far he's not buying it. My brother and sister in law have a Saint Bernard and she's the sweetest girl.

    D also stands for dog on my blog today.

    M.J. Fifield
    My Pet Blog

  9. Such a cute dog. I'm more of a cat person, partly because of allergies, but I still love them.

  10. Adorable pictures- specially the one sleeping!

  11. Beautiful dogs, they are, too.
    I found you with the ‘surprise me’ button. I’m a new follower of yours. I'd love to have you check out my take on the A to Z Challenge, comment and follow, if you'd like.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  12. I can relate -- my whole A to Z challenge is devoted to the "Pawsitive Pondering" of my four-legged kids. They bring out the best in me in so many ways. Don't know what I'd do without them. Your furry muses are adorable.

  13. Hello Katie, I'm visiting from A to Z and your blog came up when I clicked the button. I felt right at home. I too have three dogs and my husband brought home a puppy almost three years ago now. He was soooo adorable. He still is, a big, but not as big as yours, Samoyed boy. And he smiles too, most of the time.

  14. What a love! I'm not a huge dog person, as far as I've never had one of my own, but I do enjoy other people's.... as long as they aren't jumpy!

  15. Hi Katie ~
    Noticed you're a writer of book(s) also - that got my attention. As if the dog pics hadn't already. I have a wonderful little 7-8 yr old cocker, Ginger, but her debut on my blog will be on "G" day.

    Enjoy your writing...went back to your "A" and read forward. I too like to promote others in my blog - quite often as a surprise to the person or company.

    I invite you to stop by anytime and knock on my door :~)

  16. Aww! The dogs are so cute! It makes me miss having a dog.

  17. For the first time ever we now have three pets. We have a 6 year old male Tabby, a 2 year old female Tortise colored cat and a 5 year old minature poodle and it is work. We will love them and care for them but no more are coming home until, God forbid these are gone. Three is enough!
    Gregg Metcalf
    Colossians 1:28-29

    Gospel-driven Disciples

  18. Puppies should be a part of everyones life.
    I have not had enough in mine.

  19. When we move back to the states, one of the first things we will do is get a dog.
    I miss my dog life so badly.
    Yours looks

  20. A wonderful post, Katie! It's always a pleasure to meet another dog lover..they have always been essential in the life of my family. We have one small, (and adorable), dog at the moment, who loves me as completely as I love her. Because she's so thoroughly devoted to me, I've told my husband he needs a special dog of his own...our family may be growing again!

    So glad to have discovered your site...I'll check out your other letters...:)



  21. Aww! She is really cute. I have cats. I've had dogs before though.

  22. awww cuteness overload! lovely little thing! She's grown a lot! :) It's great to have a hiking-buddy :) I have a yorkie (a more-than-normal-sized one) and he is perfect! I know what you mean, I take it out in pictures on facebook, the faces he pulls... aaa lovely :) Nice to meet you through the challenge :)

  23. Yes I have multiple dogs. They are a trip literally. Each dog has their own personality and mannerisms. They add joy and the occasional headache when you hear a crash.

    Fellow A to Z Challenger
    Pamela Jo

  24. Great post. Big dogs are the best :) Can totally relate to the opening of the windows in the car- our little Yoda (a Frenchie) does it constantly.

  25. I have two Pomeranians - itty bitty things compared to your St. Bernard. I've always wanted a St. Bernard though. They are just adorable!

    Found your blog from the A to Z challenge


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