Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for... Sunsets

S is for ... Sunsets in the Summertime

Watching the Sun Set over the Ocean is one of my favorite Summertime activities. The last few Sunny Spring days have got me hankering for the warm weather to arrive...

What are your favorite things to do on a Summer evening?


  1. So beautiful. I love to go to the beach, walk out on the pier and sometimes stay for an open air concert.

  2. I love to sit under my covered porch during a thunderstorm. The mix of the warm air with the rain is amazing.

  3. I love sunsets and sunrises over the ocean too. I love to take walks at dusk.

  4. Hard to beat watching the sun set over the ocean. We live in the desert, and as the sun sets the light in the mountains is beautiful.

  5. @Tim, I've never lived in a desert, but I've lived in mountains. I was in Vermont for a while, and the sunrises in the mountains were always spectacular - building gradually and then bursting forth with light!

    @Jennifer - Dusk in summer is great, when it's still light enough to find your way, yet everything has that bluish tint to it, and it seems to last forever. There's no dusk in winter, and only a smidge of it now...

    @Emily - I've always wanted a porch! That sounds like a great way to enjoy one!

    @Jeanne - Yes! Outdoor concerts! Another summer favorite!

  6. Great photo, summer is on it's way, or so I'm told.


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