Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for... Ice Cream

I is for... Ice Cream

I scream, You scream,
We All Scream
Ice Cream

Cape Cod is famous for our many small, local homemade Ice Cream shops. Interesting flavor combinations, Ideal locations and settings, and Incredible flavor. (Okay, I'll admit, this photo wasn't even taken on Cape Cod, but in Mexico with my good friend and Chicago comedienne extraordinaire Nancy Walker. But you have to admit it's an awesome photo...)

Given all the choices of Ice Cream available, why do my kids prefer Dairy Queen?

I remember memorizing the DQ jingle when I was 4, but it was the only Ice Cream in town. Does anyone else remember the commercials with the Peanuts gang dancing their way to DQ? "Let's all go, hand in hand, to the Dairy Queen in the scrump-dilly-ishous land... " Short, silly, and I still remember it after all these years. (we won't get into just how many years...)

My favorite Ice Cream nowadays is from Sundae School, the homemade Ice Cream shop that's a few blocks up from our house... a world away from Mexican cones or Dairy Queen jingles...

Do you have a favorite Ice Cream shop? Is it small and local with homemade Ice Cream, or a large chain with a jingle on t.v.? Or do you believe any Ice Cream is Good Ice Cream?

One more Important questions: Cone or Cup?

P.S. For those of you - any of you - who are on Cape Cod this week, I will be speaking tonight at A Book In Hand, a monthly presentation of local prose authors at the Jacob Sears Library in East Dennis. It's from 7-8:30 p.m., and will include a book signing and raffle. Come by and say hi!


  1. While I love the Peanut Buster Parfait from DQ, I have to admit I prefer the ice cream I can get down at the harbour in our town. Butter pecan in a cone, please and thank you, or maybe maple walnut, just to be different. :-)

  2. Cup, but only because it's less messy; I do love waffle cones though.
    Ben and Jerry's, and Baskin Robins, are my two favorite shops, but unfortunately, where I live, there are hardly any ice cream shops at all. So DQ it must be. :-)

  3. When I was a toddler we lived near to a little ice cream factory. It was called Espositos and the ice cream was amazing. I've never tasted anything like it since... or is it my memory playing tricks?

  4. CR - isn't it great when you can find your favorite flavor? I love to have all those choices from the little shops, as opposed to, say, DQ

    Rachel - I love to visit Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont - it's on the way to my sister's farm. Lucky me! And I think tomorrow is Ben & Jerry's Free Cone day...

    Rosiland - maybe a little of both ;-)

  5. Cone every time. And a large flake, strawberry syrup and sprinklies!

    I like this post!

    warm wishes

  6. Thanks for the interesting post. I have been craving ice-cream over the past few days :)

  7. Waffle cone! And today's actually warm enough to start thinking about ice cream around here ...

  8. Love having a waffle cone w/ chocolate ice cream or chocolate chuck.....

  9. WHATS THE REST OF THE SONG?! I neeeeed to know!!

  10. I assume you mean the DQ song...

    "Let's all go, hand in hand, to the Dairy Queen in the scrump-dilly-ishus land... "

    then it goes...

    "S - C - R... U - M - P... D-lishus, Scrump-dilly-ishus at the Dairy Queen with me."

    (There wasn't much more to the silly jingle, actually)

    Hope this helps ;-)

  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! We went to dairy queen!! Ahaha my dad doesnt let us go unless we sing it :D


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