Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for... Girl Scouts

G is for... Girl Scouts

Yes, I am a Girl Scout leader. Which technically makes me a Girl Scout as well, since leaders have to be registered. And yes, I sell cookies out there, right along with my Girls. I even wrote an article this year for CapeWomenOnline magazine about feeling like I was Drowning in Cookies.

When my Daughter wanted to join Scouts in Kindergarten, I was told, "Great, but we have no room in the current Daisy troop in your town. You'll need to start you own."

So I did. And Grown with her from that first little Daisy troop through Brownies and Juniors. And it's actually been a lot of fun.

Now she's bridging from Juniors to Cadettes this weekend - I'll be spending my day tomorrow (9 to 4) with the 4 5th Graders from my troop as well as lots of other 5th Graders from the surrounding towns as they work together to find what it takes to be a Girl Scout Cadette.

The Girls learn and Grow so much over the years. Girl Scouts is about building Courage, Confidence, and Character in our Girls, and helping them understand the value of Community Service. Helping them see beyond the walls of the classroom or their bedroom out into the world around them.

In my life, G really does stand for Girl Scouts. Do you have a Girl Scout in your life? Were you a Girl Scout or Boy Scout as a child? What's your favorite Scouting memory? (anything but Thin Mints...)

I'll leave you with a few images from just this current Girl Scout year...

Winter Camping trip to Camp Cedar Hill

Collecting Shells to Make Christmas Craft Projects

Honoring Veterans at the Town's Veterans Day Ceremony

Visiting withe real soldiers (and real Blackhawk helicopters) at Camp Edwards

P.S. Found a new A to Z blogger with a challenge of her own - Michelle Teacress (don't you love that name??!) has put together a prize package with 26 items - one for each letter and each blog post for April's A to Z Challenge! How cool is that? Check out her blog here: and make sure to mention you clicked over from my blog ;-) I want to win ;-)


  1. Looks like a load of fun! I was in Guides when I was younger and it was a great way to meet other girls and learn, too.

  2. I was a girl scout back in Sweden a long, long time ago. My G is for glorious and I think that adjective fits well with what you are doing with your young scouts.--Inger

  3. Our troop celebrated the centennial of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts last year (I think the U.S. 100th anniversary isn't officially until next year, but it's a 3-year world-wide celebration)

    We went to a WAGGGS encampment, and each troop chose to represent different countries and cultures, and share with the rest of the troops. My troop chose Nepal - it was an interesting learning experience all around, to "visit" all the other Girl Scout "countries" set up throughout the camp.

    It was also very interesting to see that Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world do lots of the same things ;-)

  4. I was a Girl Scout. My first experience with camping was with Girl Scouts. Despite the cliques at school, that sort of thing fell away when we participated in GS activities. Now I only have boys, and BS doesn't hold the same allure as GS.

  5. Hi, Susan,
    My first two kids are boys, and we did the Cub Scout thing. They both enjoyed it for a while, but dropped out... my daughter's in 5th grade and still enjoying it.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Stopping by from the A-Z challenge...
    Sounds like an exciting weekend. I remember when I bridged to Cadettes! Come to think of it, there's a photo around here somewhere of all of us, oh so long ago!

    You have a very nice blog. It makes me miss the ocean! Keep it up!

  7. Just found your blog through A-Z. Girl Scouts has been a big part of my older daughter's life for the last few years. I'm really glad she's had the experience. Great job with the challenge so far-I'll be following along.

  8. I was a Girl Guide back in my younger life. I remember those times well :)


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