Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for... Quiet

Q is for... Quiet

Sometimes all we want out of the day is a little peace and Quiet.
Like the Quiet stillness of watching the sun set over a snow covered beach.

Or the Quiet beauty of a sunrise over empty chairs lined along the Caribbean's shore...

The Quiet dignity of Cape Cod before the tourists and summer people start to arrive...

The Quiet concentration of a Puppy who just wants to lick her bone in peace...

The Quiet silence of an empty neighborhood covered in fresh snow.

What's your favorite kind of Quiet?

P.S.- for a wonderously simple Quiche recipe, visit Monica at Older Mommy Still Yummy - she says you mix it all in one bowl and it forms its own crust.

P.P.S. - another great Q post is over at Mooderino's Moody Writing blog, where all Questions are being answered. Including Mood's favorite color... click here to have your Question answered


  1. Any quiet that contains the sound of kids not fighting. Rare.

    Thanks for the question by the way, hope the answer was satisfactory.

    Moody Writing

  2. Beautiful pictures! My post today was "Quiet" as well. Hope you enjoy some quiet time in your day today.

  3. Hi Katie! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I love the Q word you chose and I'd thought about using that word myself. The quote you commented on, wondering where I got it, was from Richard Paul Evan's book, The Walk. I just finished it this minute. One of the best books I've read. It's full of wonderful quotes and one liners.

  4. Ah...a lovely choice for Q, Katie! I believe there is not enough silence in the world. Living with my husband and sons, the noise of televisions, video games and telephones is a force I struggle with every day! My favourite quiet moment is to sit with my little dog and a good book while the finches outside the window talk to each other about their day...:)

  5. Wonderful pictures! My favorite is definitely the quiet of the beach when no one else is around.

  6. Looks like Mood and I had the same idea! And I am totally going to try that quiche recipe.

    Any quiet is good quiet, especially when you're the mother of six! On the rare occasion I get the house to myself, I keep the TV and music off and just enjoy.

  7. oh wow, I love these pictures. Gorgeous. My favourite kind of quiet is the quiet that forms inside when we are content.


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