Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for... Perfect Strangers

P is for... Perfect Strangers

PERFECT STRANGERS is my second Published novel, a romantic suspense filled with Passion, small town intrigue and murder, all set on Cape Cod. It's my first book available in Paperback, as Ellora's Cave hasn't yet put my novel on their Paperback list. Still waiting for that ;-)

The backcover blurb reads:

Dumped by her boyfriend in a made-for-the-tabloids bar scene, reporter Jane Peterson decides her life needs a total change. A new town, a new career path... and a new attitude toward men when she accepts her best friend's dare to kiss a perfect stranger.

Because of his famous father, Keefe Walker is no stranger to the tabloid press. He's kept a low profile for years, painting houses and drifting through life without much thought to career or future.

Until he meets Jane. She's everything that scares him. And everything he desires.

Sometimes it takes a perfect stranger to make you realize what you truly want.


Currently Available from the Publisher, Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Where the Sidewalk Ends bookstore in Chatham, MA.

ISBN: 9781456315627

Publisher: Moongypsy Press, www.MoongypsyPress.com

Length: Paperback: 302 pages; E-book: 278 pages

Price: $15.95 paperback, $7.99 E-book



  1. Congrats on the paperback! That's very cool. I took a peak at your website and Mermaid's Blood sounds pretty cool too!

    A-Z Fellow Challenger
    Holly Ruggiero’s POV

  2. I'm going to check it out on Barnes and Nobel

  3. Hi Holly- thanks - just visited your blog, very cool with a stone/gem/mineral for each letter of the challenge! Left you a message and I'm your newest follower.

    @ B's Mom - thanks for liking the sound of my book ;-) Going to check out your blog next!


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