Friday, August 14, 2009

7 Ways to help Save Farms

7 ways to save farmland

Cape Cod Weather today: Grey again. Not raining, but forecast is for clouds all day.

My sister is a farmer. She lives in Northern Vermont, and manages an organic farm.

Recently, she sent me a bumpersticker in the mail that reads "No Farms, No Food." It's put out by an organization called American Farmland Trust, at

I was writing an article this morning for Cape Women Online, listing 10 local farms and vineyards where the public can visit to pick their own produce, learn about medicinal herbs, find a pumpkin for Halloween, tour vineyards and taste local wines... even on little ol' Cape Cod, there are working farms where you can visit and explore.

According to the website, my sister in the sticks of rural Vermont is not in the majority of farmers. They say 86% of America's fruits and vegetables are grown near metro regions, where they are in the path of development. Every hour, we lose 125 acres of farm and ranch lands in this country. That's why supporting local farms is more important than ever.

The website lists 7 ways we can all help to save local farms - here

The website also has a spot to send away for a bumpersticker like the one my sister sent to me, if you click on this link here.

Some are easy ideas - like sharing this information with friends. Like I am now.

Buy fresh, Buy local. As often as possible. Remember, No Farms, No Food.

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