Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can You Hear Me?

Cape Cod Weather Today: Grey and foreboding.

The sky is an ugly shade of steely grey. It matches my mood at the moment.

I just signed up for the Networked Blogs application this morning on FaceBook. A blogger friend sent me an invitation to follow her blog on FB, and I thought I'd sign mine up as well.

Now something is wrong with my Blogger account. All of the other blogs that I've been following have somehow been deleted from my homepage. Gone. Vanished. Not there.

How does this happen? Over the last year, I've discovered so many wonderful, helpful blogs by fellow writers, literary agents, and others in the publishing community. I faithfully check them each day or each week for their wisdom. They add to my sense of community, as writing is really such a solitary pursuit so much of the time.

And now they're all gone. Any suggestions? Besides starting from scratch to re-compile my list?

Maybe it's a sign from the writing muses that I need to stop reading... and start writing again.

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