Saturday, August 15, 2009

Growth of Ebook Market

Cape Cod Weather today: Sunny (finally) and supposed to be hot today. Can't tell as the windows are all fogged up from the a/c... not a good sign....

There was a link in one of my chat groups to the statistics I've reposted below. The charts show that the growth of epublishing in the last year has been explosive. In a good way. Like, really making money. While the graphs may initially look the same in shape, take a look at the numbers running up the left side. Big difference.

My book will initially be epublished, with the paperback release to follow if the sales are strong enough and the reviews good. These charts bolster my confidence in selling ebooks. People are buying them. Buying a lot of them!

Hopefully, they keep buying them straight through fall! Especially around October 1st.


(from the IDFP website)

Industry Statistics

The International Digital Publishing Forum collects quarterly US trade retail eBook sales in conjunction with the Association of American Publishers (AAP). For details on the AAP's statistics program, please refer to the AAP website. The IDPF has aggregated quarterly statistics from the AAP's program and earlier IDPF statistics program represented in the graph below. Please also see important notes below on the data.

The IDPF has collected additional eBook statistics from various sources below. The IDPF was not involved in collecting these statistics, however, and only includes them as a convenience.

US Trade Wholesale Electronic Book Sales

Compare against Q4 08 chart below

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