Thursday, August 13, 2009

My first letter from Camp!

Cape Cod Weather Today: Still Raining.

I got my first letter from Girl Scout camp in the mail today! The envelope was covered with enough stickers that it probably took longer to decorate than write. She apparently wrote it on "Monday - day 2" as it's labeled at the top of the page. I'll include all original spelling mistakes as I share:

Hi Mom I'm having a
great time we are
having a barbicue on
Wednseday. I don't know when
but somtime we are going
to weve baskets. At
the farm
there is going to be wolves.
miss you
So I guess things are going well at Camp. I was hoping for more... but being realistic, I'm thrilled to get anything! Enjoy the rest of your day - I know I'll have a smile on my face!

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  1. A precious letter...I can see from this, a the ones I get from my neices and nephews, why my mother had boxes of this stuff. How do you ever get rid of them? I tape mine up around my office and look at the drawings and notes when work is no fun. I hope she's having fun too, Katie!


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