Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Pie in the Face

Cape Cod Weather today: Tropical Storm Danny has moved on, so the weather should be improving enough for me to mow the foot high front lawn...

I received a rejection letter last night that really hurt.

Not that rejection is anything new; as my husband says, it means I'm sending my stuff out there, right?

But this agent admitted that she sat on my query because she liked it. She was intrigued. She liked my credentials, and she loves mermaids. She can't wait to read the story in print.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

I want to write back and tell her she'll get to read it much sooner if she would be my agent. But I can't do that. I need to just send a polite thank you note, right? Aaaauuuuurrrrrghhhh!

Two rejections within the week. And no Ben & Jerry's in the freezer. What is my world coming to?

On the bright side, school starts next week for us here on the Cape. The backpacks I ordered online arrived. I just got out the lunchboxes and washed them with bleach this morning. I bought a bunch of new school supplies yesterday... still need to buy sneakers and cleats for oldest son, and colored binders for middle son (which no one seems to have this year.)

Life goes on.

I just need to wipe the pie off my face.

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